Psyche asteroid astrology

Psyche is one of the most important asteroids in your chart. Psyche's asteroid number is 16, and she was discovered on March 17, , when.
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Mars enters Scorpio

Psyche entered into Virgo on October 5, and will be there until August 21, Psyche then moves into Libra for a three-month stay, and will be there until November 18, , when she enters into Scorpio. Psyche will be in the sign of the Scorpion for the rest of the year of Psyche can tell us a lot about ourselves and our own journey, but it may take us some time and thought before we become aware of what Psyche symbolically wants to say to us.

Delving into our innermost depths can take some time, and reflection. For example, let's say your own Psyche astrological placement is in Scorpio, conjunct to your Sun or Ascendant , your Rising Sign. Psyche in Scorpio means your understanding of the soul and the mind involves the attributes of the sign of Scorpio, which is a watery, fixed placement.

You might have a very deep need to explore your own psychology, and you could be willing to take that exploration to its furthest levels. Psyche conjunct to your Sun or Ascendant means you incorporate your ideas and beliefs about the soul and mind into the very fabric of your being. To understand Psyche's place in your own chart, it's a good idea to have a grasp of the elements of each sign, and an understanding of the houses and aspects involved.

Look below for astrological keywords that will help you understand Psyche's place in your own astrological chart. Aspects: Conjunction : degrees apart in the same sign, influence is Positive; Sextile or Trine : 60 to degrees apart, influence is Positive; Opposition : degrees apart, influence is Challenging; Square : 90 degrees apart, influence is Challenging.

Psyche is currently in the sign of Virgo, so the harvest maiden is meeting the goddess of the soul and mind. Virgo is an earthy, mutable sign, and Virgo imparts to Psyche the ability to process information very quickly and analytically, while still exhibiting a deep desire for a physical union with the world around her. Virgo thinks deeply and profoundly, and she has a very down to earth nature, and a true realization of her physical wants and needs. Psyche in Virgo will bring a tone of questioning to our life stories, and give us the ability to look at our past experiences from many different angles, so we can chart our own paths, and forge ahead in our own life story.

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Psyche asteroid sign based on the Goddess of Soul shows your inner personality in relationships

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16 Psyche - NASA Mission to A Giant Metal Core World

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Lucy and Psyche Asteroid Missions

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Psyche is believed to command how we think, feel, and process our memories.

The next time you're in a reflective mood, look up your Psyche sign to see what drives your thoughts. Chiron You might know Chiron as that needling voice in your head that reminds you of your deepest insecurities at the least opportune moment. And, yes, that is the most immediate effect this asteroid has on our everyday lives, but that isn't all there is to Chiron's placement in your chart. When interpreted in the long-term, it indicates areas in our lives where we face challenges, as well as how we might start to overcome them.

So, while that little voice might provoke discomfort, if you listen long enough and sit with your deep-set fears , it may whisper a solution to you. Juno If Eros determines who you choose for a steamy fling, Juno directs you toward someone who's life-partner material. Juno's placement in your chart can illuminate your intimacy style: what you need from a live-in partner, how you tend to bond with your significant other, and the qualities that put you completely at ease.

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